Why massage therapy?

When most people think of a massage, it is as a gentle treatment perhaps to aid relaxation. There is however a more advanced form that is often used to treat many musculoskeletal problems, including headaches, migraines and stress. Many sports people view massage as an essential part of their training, improving recovery times and maintaining muscle health. Massage can help with pain control and be beneficial in promoting wellbeing and sleep.

Our Massage Therapist

Peter Littlewood

Peter qualified in Holistic massage in 1999 and since that time his practice has moved more towards deep tissue and remedial work. This type of deep tissue work enables a wide range of conditions to be treated. Back and neck pain, headaches and joint dysfunction are all predominantly caused by muscle tightness or weakness and by treating these problems balance can be restored. Massage can be used as a treatment over a few sessions to treat a specific problem, or by many people as an on-going benefit to improve general well-being.