What is Hypnosis?

Hypnosis is a state of deep relaxation which allows easier access to the subconscious mind, this assists the process of changing unhelpful behaviour.  Once someone is in hypnosis, powerful suggestions and visualisations are given by the Hypnotherapist. Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy (CBH) focuses on our thought processes and our beliefs, it helps to identify ways to change our thought patterns which in turn affects our moods and behaviours. Essentially, we can change the way we think through hypnosis, therefore changing the way we feel.  Hypnotherapy can have very powerful results and really change peoples' lives for the better. There are many issues that could benefit from hypnotherapy; these include stress, anxiety, confidence issues, insomnia, exam nerves, problem solving, habit breaking (eg smoking, nail biting), phobias, coping skills and ME/CFS.

What happens in Hypnosis?

Hypnotherapists will ensure whoever they are working with is as relaxed as possible before taking them into hypnosis. The feeling of being in hypnosis is very pleasant and relaxing and you remain totally in control when being under hypnosis. This means that if you wanted to shift position in your chair, cough, or even leave the room, you could. Before going into hypnosis you will have discussed the issues you have at length, and will have filled out a health questionnaire; any questions you may have will have been answered. Actual hypnosis tends not to happen until your second session of therapy. Most people will need approximately 4-6 sessions of hypnotherapy, depending on what their issue is and how long they have had it. Although, improvement is often noticed after the first session.


Our Hypnotherapist

Kate Middleton

Kate trained at the UK College of Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy in London and has a Diploma in Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy. Kate is a member of the National Council of Hypnotherapy, is on the General Hypnotherapy Register and the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council. Kate will take time to get to know you and will talk to you in a friendly, relaxed and non-judgemental manner. Please feel free to look at Kate's website - www.kmhypnotherapy.co.uk - where you will find more information, including a list of frequently asked questions. If you're not sure if hypnotherapy is right for you, Kate is very happy to have an informal chat, please send her a message via her website or call the practice.