Dry Hydro Jet Massage

What is a Dry Hydro Jet Massage Bed?

A company called Minato is the manufacturer of this bed and they are based in Osako.  They are the largest physiotherapy and rehabilitation manufacturer in Japan.  The Dry Hydro Massage Bed is just one of their many products.  They have several thousand in operation throughout Japan in private hospitals and clinics and they use the bed for the relaxation of patients before and after treatment.


Minato's "Aquatizer QZ" series has constantly provided state-of-the-art instruments through unique design concepts in the area of dry hydro jet massage beds.  Our bed is designed with futuristic style and equipped with cutting-edge features.  We are delighted to be only the second private clinic in the country able to offer the use of the massage bed to the public.  Top football clubs have them for use of the players post match.


As the bed is dry there is no need to undress.  There are seven massage patterns available with the use of four selectable nozzles which increases treatment options such as wide areas or focusing on specific areas.  The massage intensity can be selected from six levels and foot airbags gently hold the feet, stabilising the body's position and reducing head movement.


Please contact Kiran or Alison for further information or to book a thirty minute massage on this award winning dry hydro jet massage bed.  You can use it before/after seeing a practitioner or just on its own.


Watch the Dry Hydro Jet Massage Bed here...